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February 06 2016


Different Processes for Aging Beef

Dry-aged beef is an expensive process that takes ten to fifteen days to complete. Meat needs to be hung and kept at near freezing temperatures. This process works best with higher grades of beef because an evenly distributed fat content is needed. The process tenderizes the meat, and enhances the flavor as some enzymes begin to break down. This aging process is conducted by up-scale butcher shops and better steakhouse restaurants.

Wet-aged beef retains moisture because it is placed in a vacuum-sealed bag. The process usually takes only a few days, and is used by grocery stores, regular butcher shops, and mail order meat stores. The process can be used with just about any type of meat. It is less expensive, so it is more widely used for beef and other meats. It seals in freshness and does not result in any loss of weight.

Allen Baler

A combination of those two processes in succession will result in the type of beef found in the best steakhouse around. The restaurants that take the time and expense to dry-age beef, and then wet-age it, will be few. A unique process of dry-aging prime cuts of beef for fourteen days, followed by wet-aging for twenty-eight days, has resulted in award-winning steaks. Open Table Diner’s Choice for 2015, and San Antonio magazine’s Best Steakhouse in 2015, and Readers’ Winner of Best Steakhouse for 2016.

Midwestern corn fed beef, which makes up the top two percent of the nation’s beef population, is available in different cuts and sizes from eight ounces to twenty-two ounces. Diners can go to http://www.myronsprime.com for detailed information regarding the aging process and the cuts of beef available. In addition to steaks, lamb, pork chops, quail, and seafood is also offered on the menu. Elegant appetizers include items such as wasabi seared tuna, stuffed quail, and three different styles of shrimp options.

Private and semi-private rooms are available for intimate social gatherings, business meetings, fundraising events, celebrations, networking events, wedding rehearsal dinners, showers and retirement parties. Instead of planning the next event, doing all the cooking, and being unable to actually enjoy the guests, go to and relax. Driving instructions to both locations can also be found online. Reservations can also be made via telephone. Private seating can accommodate twelve, thirty, or up to sixty guests for dinner. A full bar opens one hour before the restaurant does, so the event can begin as early as four pm daily.
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